Adzmark – Company Profile


Our experience dates back to the 70’s when some of us worked in the production department of an industry supplier specializing in screen printed labels, decals, political posters, decals, nameplates, and die cutting. Some of us advanced to the sales department until the company was sold. At that time we started our own business specializing in the sale of labels and decals. In the 80’s we became a member of the Promotional Products Industry attending annual trade shows and expanding our sales into promotional products. The techniques used to imprint most promotional products are the same ones we learned and used when working in the production department.

Over the years we have worked with various types of clients: Government agencies like: Massport, The Turnpike Authority, and registry of motor vehicles; Utilities like Mass Electric; Political Candidates for: Governor, US Senator, Congress, and local elections; Education and Medical organizations, Manufacturing companies, Entertainment, Financial and Technology Companies.